Coaching FAQ

Q. I’m new to endurance sports, does that matter?

A. Not at all. We can assist you on your journey and provide you with a plan to ensure your development is smooth and enjoyable. We have worked with many athletes over the years who are new to swimming, cycling or running who have gone on to run marathons or finish Ironman triathlons. Your boundaries are limitless.

Q. How is North Endurance Squad different to 1-2-1 Coaching?

A. Being part of the North Endurance Squad supports you with all the benefits of coaching without a coach reviewing your progress or performance. Just like our 1-2-1 services, you’ll receive a bespoke plan based on your own ability, experience and goals. We’ll give you all information required to understand each session within the plan and to interpret your results, with access to our coaches through the coached athletes Facebook page.

Q. How much time will I need to set aside for training?

A. Your bespoke plan will be developed to work around your circumstances and the time you have available to train each week. The more time training doesn’t always guarantee the best results! Your programmed sessions ensure you get the most bang for your buck from the time available, cutting down on ‘junk hours’.

Q.What kit and equipment do I need?

A. What do you have? There isn’t an extensive list of equipment required, and again, we can provide a bespoke plan that works around your circumstances. If training for a triathlon, access to a pool, swim goggles and pull buoy (often found poolside) will be required. The benefits of cross training are proven, and we will recommend cycling even if training for a pure running event. Access to a bike, stationary bike, or turbo trainer would be ideal. Other than that, trainers for running and a Heart Rate monitor are the only essentials. Other swim toys, race kit, or data collectors such as cycle or run power meters can be utilised, but are by no means essential for training.

Q. I have pre-existing medical condition / Injury, does that matter?

A. As part of your initial consultation, we will provide you with a standard medical questionnaire. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the health questions, we will require your doctor to confirm you are okay to train. Your GP, specialist consultant or physio is the person to advise you of your limitations in training. We are able to offer advice on how to alter your training schedule in line with your injuries, but require an honest and open athlete / coach relationship to do so. We are unable to give medical advice.

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q. What happens Next?

A. Once we receive your enquiry, we’ll send you out a questionnaire to give us a clear picture of your experience, goals and expectations. We’ll follow this up with a free consultation to discuss your circumstances in more detail and allow you to get to know us, and ask any questions you may have.

After your first payment has been processed, we’ll then build a bespoke personal training plan that will be specific to you, taking into consideration all your external contributing factors, building a plan that matches your needs and goals.

You’ll receive:
- Confirmation email
- A welcome email with your Training Peaks account Login details
- A Link to our private Team Facebook group
- Your Testing protocols document
- Your bespoke personal training plan

Q. How do you track my training and provide feedback?

A. Your bespoke plan will be delivered through Training Peaks (See above). It’s a great piece of online software which enables us to manage your plan, adding the right sessions for you, at the right time, and makes it clear for you what you should be doing and when. We can analyse the data fields from your training and events to monitor your progress, provide feedback, and adjust your plan accordingly. The free version is perfectly adequate, and a premium account is included with 1-2-1 Gold plans, so no additional cost is required.

Q. My goals/races have changed. Does that matter?

A. Not at all. We understand life gets in the way. Simply inform us and we can adjust your plan to suit. We are here to help, and can advise on the best preparation for all events, advising on when and what type of warm-up races will assist in preparing you for your goal race or challenge.

Q. How do I pay for my coaching?

A. Direct debit paid monthly. We will provide bank details on sign up.

Q. How do I cancel my coaching?

A. You can cancel your coaching at any time. We simply ask for a months’ notice from date of payment. Your included annual North Endurance membership will run for 1 year from date of payment.

Q. Who do I contact with for any further enquiries?

A. For any further general queries, please email or use our contact form HERE.