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Why get a coach?

There are many benefits to seeking the assistance of a coach over buying, finding an off the shelf pre-written plan, or delving into the internet and getting lost among a plethora of none specific information. Our North Endurance coaches can micro-manage your training; We can account for days off, tiredness, days when you are feeling good, your ability, your home life, work and social life.  We work together to produce a structure and flow to your training that specifically suits you, making the most of the time available. Communication is key, the more we get to know you, the more specific the plan becomes, maximising the results of your effort.

With our experience in racing and training for a variety of Endurance events, while holding down full-time jobs, and volunteering time to coaching, we have learnt how to make the most of limited time training, which is the situation most of our clients are in, juggling work, friends, family and training.

We consider your goals, ambitions and ability to prioritise training that is specific to your requirements. We periodize your plan to build a broad base on which to develop towards each goal. By monitoring your training, we ensure our athletes build, taper and rest when required, a cycle that prevents fatigue, injuries and over training.

Our schedules are varied, with sessions designed to consolidate each individuals strengths whilst focusing on weaknesses. By promoting variety, participation and providing feedback, we work to keep you mentally motivated and confident. We are here to support you, sharing our knowledge, experience, and lessons learned and are happy to discuss training/pre-race and race nutrition, equipment choices, and strategies as you prepare for your events and challenges.



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We limit the number of athletes we take on unlike many coaches to ensure we can invest the time, effort and support that your commitment deserves. We can confirm our coaches availability on your enquiry.