3 Weeks To Go!... ish

Well, as Thursday marks 3 weeks till the race start on 9th November, I thought it would be a good time to post an update.

The last few weeks have been pretty tiring, and I have been ending most days exhausted,... unfortunately without actually getting in any actual training! I have had a couple of high pressured weeks at work, the commute has been made dreadful with the closure of Lime Street and various strikes, I broke my phone in the Lakes, so just squeezing in the time to organise the last few little things have felt difficult. So.. just to remind myself... here are a few things I have managed to do:

I've kept the high intensity stuff up, and after a few recent attempts, I finally won my first Park Run in Liverpool with a 5km PB of 17:25. It was a very good start to the weekend after what had been a pretty low week. 

To race in Nepal I have to get a medical certificate signed, provide an at rest Electrocardiogram graph, and give my blood type, with a doctor declaring the not scary at all...

'He/she presents a normal clinical examination, not presenting any medical contraindication  that prevents him/her from taking part in a race of 6 days of duration, distances between 20-37km, at an altitude of 4,000m or more'

While thankfully I know a few friendly doctors and even cardiologists, finding out my blood group would prove tricky. I have never given blood (always intended to) and with 4 weeks to go, I was advised against it given the time to recover in terms of pure athletic performance. I eventually settled for a home blood test kit... which didn't work... before splashing out on a mail order blood sample kit which would be sent off to a lab. So with a little help from a friendly doctor, and a little help form a friendly cardiologist, I'm now ready to race!

So back to the hills, and I've managed my first runs with my full pack:
- Sleeping bag
- Foil blanket
- Dry layers
- Waterproof layers
- First aid kit
- Compass
- Lighter
- Knife
- Down jacket
- Hat / gloves / arm warmers /booties
- Head Torch
- Battery charger
- Camera
- Water (1l)
- Food

Race regulations stipulate the bag must weigh between 3.5 - 7kg (without water). I haven't weighed it yet, but so far so good and it seems manageable. I kept the first run out short, 10km and 1600m +/- , running and hiking back on Moel Famau. My Dad and Loki even came to join me, so was greatfull for their ever present support.

I've backed up that this weekend with two days on Snowdon, but i'll save that for another post.

Finally, my race jersey has headed off to the printers. It was great to add a few more names to the jersey and even another sponsor! In 2017, my good friends Kate & Simon Richards from The Shop in Cilcain, launched The Hut at Moel Famau. They serve artisan coffee and homemade cake from the beautiful Shepherd's Hut at the upper car park on Moel Famau working in partnership with the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If your passing, hiking or running on Moel Famau, or cycling up and over Bwlch Penbarras, stop by, enjoy the views and enjoy a well earned treat. Kate bakes some amazing cakes, and to my delight, they also stock Chilly Cow ice cream from Ruthin. They're no strangers to endurance challenges themselves. Kate is an amazing OW long distance swimmer, and Simon is pretty handy on a bike! You can find out more using the link below:

Thanks to everyone for the support and donations! It's not too late to donate to two amazing charities. We're up to an awesome £1,671 now. Please share, or if you haven't donated already, forgo a pint and chip in a fiver. 

Paul x

Paul Martin