Grouse Hunting

This weekend I headed over to Yorkshire for a run around the moors with coach Dani. With an early start, I met Dani & Helen at Bolton Abbey, we exchanged quick pleasantries and myself and Dani set off up onto the moors. The sun was out, as were the grouse! These guys were everywhere, popping up out the heather from what felt like under your feet. They make a really distinct noise, first seemingly in shock, then mad panic as they fly away. Either way... very amusing!

We reached Simon's Seat, a collection of large rocks with a great view over the moors below, before heading to Lords seat and back to the Abbey to meet Helen.

The best thing about running with Dani, aside from the wisdom and animal impressions, is of course knowing he has dinner prepared in advance. I gladly stuffed my face with wood fired homemade Pizza, far more than required to replenish after a 20km run.

So huge thanks as always to Dani and Helen for looking after me and inviting me over to Yorkshire. Almost certain that they will be naming their impending first born Paulo Trinca ;)

May be struggling to get out this weekend but looking to make plans for some big runs on 12th/13th and 19th/20 Sept. Any ideas of routes or desire to join me, don't hesitate to get in touch.

In the mean time, don't forget to sponsor me on this Epic Challenge and have your name printed on my race Jersey. 


Paul Martin