Milestones & Thank yous!

This last week hasn’t been hugely productive training wise. I’m still adapting to my new daily commute to Manchester but did at least manage two early morning chain gangs on the bike, the usual Tuesday run session which was fortunately hill reps and a steady 17km run on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll manage to get back out on the trails this weekend and get some more ups and downs in the legs.

Despite this, with 9 weeks to go till the off, I do feel like I’ve got a few things ticked off and reached a few milestones. I’ve paid the balance of my race entry to the organisers so no backing out now! Kit shopping has started in earnest, with a few of the big items including my sleeping bag ordered. I’ve also sorted head tube printing for the generous guys who have donated, and I’ve made some progress into getting my race jersey made. Generally it’s been a hugely expensive week!

However, and far more importantly, with your generosity we have now raised over £700!!!  An enormous thanks to everyone who has donated and shared my fund raising page. I’ll be having a push over the next few weeks so hopefully we can clear the £1000 mark!

And with that... it’s time to mention a few people:



Stryd are the creators of the world’s fist wearable power meter for running. They empower everyone to train effectively and run efficiently. Having previously worn a heart strap based power meter, Stryd have kindly offered me their latest power meter to race the ETR. This will be a valuable tool in managing my effort and efficiency, hopefully making sure I don’t burn too many matches each day. If you haven’t heard about Stryd, check them out HERE


Phil Macdonald – Sports Therapy Liverpool

Phil Macdonald is fully qualified Level 5 Sports Therapist based in Liverpool and has assisted me over the years with maintenance, management and rehabilitation from a variety of acute injuries. Phil has not only donated to my causes, but has kindly offered to support me in my preparations for race having previously volunteered in Japan alongside Habitat for Humanity following the devastating Tsunami in 2011. Phil welcomes none participants to elite athletes, you can check out his range of services HERE


James IM Training:

James Muscart is personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor based in Liverpool. I’ve known James for around 5 years, and although still young gun, James has completed 4x Ironman and represented Team GB as an Age Group athlete over Sprint and Olympic Distances. Unlike his taste in swim wear, I can’t question his passion and commitment to his personal development. James has kindly offered to assist me with some strength and conditioning work leading up to the race. You can check out his Facebook page HERE


Dean Hanwell:

Dean has a been a great training buddy, and a fierce rival over the last few years. He’s an outstanding athlete and even more so… a top guy. Dean this week kindly offered a voucher he had won at a race early in the season enabling me to save a chunk of money off my new race shoes from a local retailer. As I’m bouncing down the mountains in my new cushy trail shoes, I’ll be praising your generosity bud. Thanks!


For more on how you can support or donate, click below.

Thanks everyone for the kind support!!

2 months to go!!


(Currently on the 6:05 train to London! zzzZZZ)

Paul Martin