Moel Famau Hill Reps

Wednesday evening saw another quick blast over to Moel Famau to get in a quick hill session on the trails, making the most of the last light of the day. This week myself, Dani, and Rob Fletcher were joined by Ian Roche, Chris Ryan, and Paul Williams.

Paul W led the way from Loggerheads up to the summit in humid conditions before a steep fast descent, a slog back to the summit, and then a loop along Offas Dyke Way. With a cooling shower passing over, we were racing the clock back down to Loggerheads fearing we may be having our cars locked in the car park.

The Stats:
Distance - 18.3km
MovingTime - 2:02:30
Ascent: 892m

Cheers for coming out guys and helping make the training all the more social and enjoyable!

Where next?!

All suggestions welcome.


Paul Martin